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Business continuity for essential cash services during COVID-19

Ensuring customers and the wider community have access to essential cash services

With the recent outbreak and confirmation of a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation, novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Streamcorp Armoured continues to monitor updates and recommendations issued by the world and domestic health authorities on COVID-19 and take informed measures to mitigate the outbreak of COVID-19 within our workplace. The health and safety of all our employees, customers and general members of the public will always remain our highest priority and consideration.

Whilst pandemics are unpredictable in their timing and severity, we have taken a proactive approach by enhancing current practices and implementing new procedures across our business.

Some of our ongoing initiatives have included:

  • Educating and continually updating our employees on COVID-19
  • Reinforcing screening protocols within the workplace
  • Restricting all non-essential travel (domestic & international)
  • Cancelling face to face meetings in favor of alternate media and communication platforms
  • Promoting remote working arrangements, including working from home for some of our team
  • Increasing hygiene stations and PPE throughout our fleet and offices


Streamcorp Armoured is an essential service provider

Streamcorp Armoured has been endorsed and received the status of an Essential Services provider issued by the Reserve Bank of Australia. This status will ensure that we can continue to provide essential cash services to customers and other essential services providers during times of mandated restrictions and or lock-downs.

We will continue to support the community by:

  • Supplying stock and maintaining ATM’s, smart safes and other banknote equipment
  • Secure delivery and collection of cash from other essential service providers
  • Storage and processing of valuable commodities

As the globe continues to navigate through some of the most challenging times in recent history, the importance of maintaining access to fundamental requirements has never been more vital.

We remain unwavering in our approach to ensure our customers and greater community have access to essential cash services during these unprecedented times and will remain agile to accommodate any changes that may affect our operational landscape.

Finally, our appreciation goes out to all our dedicated management and staff that have constantly maintained a level of professionalism beyond reproach during the past few months. Throughout this time, their ability to remain positive, even during some very challenging times, is a testament to the inclusive team based culture that has been fostered and sustained across all departments within our business.