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Customer Service Initiatives

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Customer Service Initiatives

As thought leaders of the security industry, Streamcorp Security Strategies acknowledges that the customer service focus of the job is fast becoming the key skill required. The positive customer presence is the ultimate achievement when clients are reporting to security organisations about the performance of its officers.

Streamcorp has expanded its ability to not only provide CIT/Loss Prevention & Protective Services professionals, but Customer Service Officers, who can, in some cases substitute for officers or at a minimum compliment the existing security team.

Customer Service Officers, especially in a Loss Prevention and Protective Services capacity, will ensure that a positive customer service experience is delivered during the entire visit. Through many years of experience, the management team at Streamcorp have determined that a balance between a Security Officer and a CSO (Customer Service Officer) is an integral part of security.

Such initiatives can be as simple as:

Retail Environment

During retail trading hours, a CSO is placed at the entry/exit point to meet & greet and engage customers in a friendly manner, ensuring an enjoyable and positive shopping experience with a level of satisfaction that will ensure long and established patronage for the future. The loss prevention officer, can be the plan B of the project, whereby they are placed in the store, in an overt or covert presence, with their main focus on reduction of shrinkage (stock loss), detection/deterrent or apprehension of either external or internal shoplifters. In both cases, this can be flexible and substituted in any manner required by the customer.

Concierge or Protective Services Sites

In this capacity, a CSO will deliver the Streamcorp Positive Customer Presence before, during and after their visit. The security component will compliment the CSO and vice versa.

The entire CSO program revolves around the shifting parameters and paradigms the security industry is experiencing, and most importantly, what our valued clients are expecting when they engage security organisations to supply staff for their sites.

To discuss our specialist & unique programs around Customer Services Officers or any other services please feel free to contact 1300 073 063.

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