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Global ATM Withdrawals

Despite the never ending and much debated subject regarding the decline of cash in our society, facts around the ATM Global market indicate that cash remains prevalent in our daily lives.
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Streamcorp Armoured turns 15

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery….I think it’s just a sweet way of celebrating our 15th anniversary. Thanks to all our clients, partners and dedicated management and staff that consistently provide the […]
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Streamcorp Armoured sponsors OSPA’s Outstanding Female Security Professional Award

Streamcorp Armoured would like to congratulate Hailey Page from Chubb Fire & Security on winning the 2016 OSPA Outstanding Female Security Professional category at the recent ASIAL Awards night held in Sydney.
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Would eliminating the $100 bill minimise crime?

In a new book, “The Curse of Cash,” former Chief Economist at the IMF,  Kenneth S Rogoff, now a professor at Harvard, argues for phasing out paper money in the U.S., starting with big bills […]
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